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IRA terror and the other side of the story
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Telling the other side of the story about IRA terror

Monday 6 November 2017

Republicans killed 2,100 of the 3,700 people killed in the Troubles. Yet it is Sinn Fein who are so confident of legacy structures they have actually made it a talks red line.

The average viewer in London or New York will certainly emerge thinking that the British state during the Troubles was a murderous one, just as Sinn Fein say (and indeed a growing number of politicians and commentators across the spectrum seem to accept).

But there seems to be no-one out there in the film or documentary world who wants to depict the other side to this narrative. Where is the coming film on Enniskillen, one of the most sickening massacres of civilians in Europe since World War Two, 30 years ago on Tuesday?

We have had recently the 66 Days documentary, which was a sympathetic portrayal of Bobby Sands, and the Maze film about the breakout, which is not unkind in its depiction of IRA men.

An American film-maker (or indeed the British or the Irish state broadcasters) could do a series, not merely one programme, on the IRA crimes against humanity alone: Claudy, Bloody Friday, Kingsmill, La Mon, Harrods, Teebane, Shankill and others. And on their many calculating individual murders that were designed to instil maximum terror: Who ordered the murder of Patsy Gillespie? Of the lawyer Edgar Graham?

Mr Faris pointed out the injustice not only of such deaths getting special scrutiny over other deaths, but of the vast amount of people who have not had proper redress for the injury or economic ruin they suffered at the hands of the IRA.

Those of us who have urged London and unionists to hold out are losing this fight. I still think we are handing the narrative to terrorists to whom Britain reacted with so much restraint, and that this is a massive scandal.

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